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Emma G.
Alpharetta, GA
I was lost. I just graduated from my Associates program and I felt confident that I could live on my own. I transferred my balance from my college credit card to a 0% card and then went a little nuts furnishing my new place. Then the 0% ran out and I was in a bad place. I was so grateful when I got the mail offer from Sooner Partners. They helped me, I didn’t need collateral, and I got my act together fast. Thank you, Sooner Partners!
Cori A.
Culver City, CA
I was hospitalized with Covid-19 early on. Thankfully, I am okay now. However, when I was sick, I fell behind with everything – my rent, my electric, and my credit card bills. The team at Sooner Partners was so nice, helpful, and really cared about me. They got my credit card debt consolidated quickly. I am back on my feet in all aspects of my life with a big boost from Sooner Partners.
Drea B.
Del Ray Beach, FL
Time moves slowly in quarantine. I really lost myself. I lost track of everything. I lost track of my credit card debt. I read about all the forgiveness that was supposed to happen, but with as many cards as I have, I still didn’t get relief. Sooner Partners really talked me off the ledge. They listened, helped me organize myself, and held me accountable. Sooner Partners changed my life.